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providing a management solution that enables small and medium business collobarate and grow their businesses

Hi! Imagine this scenerio.

1.A laundry business with 50 clients
2.A salon business with 50 clients
3. A restaurant with 70 clients
4.A car servicing business with 60 clients.

Merger from a business point of view is two or more businesses joining together to form one single entity, usually it is more financially beneficial because these businesses gets to add up and increase their customer base and also provide more services to their customers.

From the scenerio above, if all the 4 businesses merge, they would have a total of 230 clients and would be able to provide more value in 4 different services to their clients and make more money from it.

The problems of Ignorance in relation to business-merger techniques, paperwork hassles and all that are some of the reasons we are not seeing a lot of mergers.

Introducing ripotr

Ripotr is a community focused project that promotes the concept of small and medium business merger to create positive economic impact for the community.

Ripotr creates awareness of the benefit of business merger and also provides a management solution portal with a business model that allows businesses come together on our platform and share the same customer base , increase sales and make more income for their businesses.

Our business model utilizes the cryptocurrency token reward economic model and multiple level commission sharing innovation to empower businesses and clients to work together to accomplish a common goal of improving the finances of all in the community.

Small businesses are by way of illustrations, like broomsticks, they need to merge together to have a meaningful financial and economic impact. RIPOTR provides the bind that holds these business mergers together and still allows them to have their individual ownership

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